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is the only fitness centre that offers state of the art equipment, quality customer service and exclusive exercise group classes.

We cater for all types of clients including young, middle aged & senior clients.

Our trained and qualified staff are here to help you reach your fitness goals as efficiently as possible


What We Offer

Out Fitness offer 24/7 Access which has great Security features. Our Equipment offers all types of cardio and muscle tone, bodybuilding from machines to free weights. Furthermore we have Trainers and specialists in Sports Rehabilitation, Fitness, Boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Gallipoli Fitness Gym is close by to Guildford and is walking distance from Auburn Train Station.

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Our Skills

24/7 Secure Gym Access100%
Body Building | Muscle Tone100%
Training Groups100%
Personal Training & Professional Preparation100%
Sports Rehab & Strength Conditioning 100%
Friendly & Safe Environment100%

About Our Auburn Gym

The only 24/7 gym that caters for individuals who need to reach their fitness related goals. We offer high-grade cardio and weight equipment specially sourced from reputable suppliers around the world. We also boast qualified in-house staff personnel who specialise in delivering fitness classes and to educate and support you to reach your fitness health goals.
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About Our Female-Only Gym

Our Female only 24/7 gym was mainly built for the purpose of meeting women fitness needs around the region as it was a necessity. We offer high grade cardio and weight equipment specially sourced from reputable suppliers around the world. We also boast in-house qualified staff personnel who specialise in delivering exclusive fitness classes and support to help you reach your fitness health goals.
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Our Clients Love Us

The only gym that caters for a friendly environment while offering the best gym equipment. As am member of this gym I have learned more about the importance of exercising than ever before, the trainer here has corrected my exercise form and technique. The gym places its members first over anything else. I will advise anyone willing to achieve a better and healthier version of themselves to join this gym.

Noorulheq, Member

Very clean friendly safe and secure, excellent gym facilities

John Matsis, Member

Training at this gym has made me realise how I was doing all the exercises wrong in the other gyms I was a member of, the trainer here is absolutely magnificent, he has corrected my techniques and forms and given me valuable tips at not cost at all, if you want to learn how to exercise come to Gallipoli Fitness mens gym.

Chris , Member

With great helpful tips and exercise guidance provided by the staffs here I was able to lose 8 kgs in 2 months, I don’t just recommend this gym, I Envy it!!

Mohammad, Member


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  • Gym Clothes
  • Boxing Gear
  • and more
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  • 24/7 Access to Gym
  • Access to All Group Classes
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